How to sort out head lice

You’ve probably got enough to worry about without the hassle of head lice. However, don’t panic, because we’re here to help, dealing with head lice can be straightforward if you take the right action.

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Treating head lice

Found head lice or nits? Don't worry! We have the treatment covered so you can get back to family life.

Checking for head lice

Checking should be a normal part of every family’s personal hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth or washing your hair.

UK’s number 1 Head Lice Treatment*

Source: IRI sales data MAT April 2019


Parents recommend Hedrin for the easy use and effectiveness

It was really easy to apply and a small bottle went a very long way. I did it before bed and shampooed out in the morning. So far so good, we've not itched once since application. It's quick, convenient and very effective. I'd definitely use it again but hopefully won't have to for a while.

Rachel Tolton about Hedrin Once